PhDog Obedience offers premiere dog training in the Greater Cincinnati area that specializes in helping you build a positive bond with your dog. Your professional trainer, Dr. Victoria Barber Emery, will assist you in helping your dog to become a calm, confident companion. Whether it is with obedience, potty training or handling aggression, PhDog Obedience will be with you every step of the way.

Who Is My Trainer?

Victoria Emery

Dr. Victoria Barber-Emery has a twenty-year track record of successful small business ownership with a passion for animals and teaching. Victoria’s educational merits include:

  • a master certificate in dog training and behavior
  • a diploma in dog obedience training
  • specialized training in dog aggression
  • specialized training in canine fear and anxiety
  • a doctorate in theology.

She is currently engaged in continuing education where she has extensively studied the work of animal behaviorists Dr. Patricia McConnell and Dr. Ian Dunbar, as well as professional trainers Turid Rugaas, Karen Pryor, Denise Fenzi, Deborah Jones and Pat Miller. She is a member of The Association of Professional Dog Trainers and The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

Victoria brings her lifelong love of animals together with over 750 hours of specialized training in animal behavior, psychology and dog training to offer obedience, behavior modification and therapy dog training using positive-based reinforcement techniques. She focuses on fostering a pet-owner relationship built on trust, knowledge and clear communication.

Continuing Education

Dr. Victoria Barber-Emery has completed the following continuing education classes as part of her ongoing learning efforts in the field of dog training and animal behavior.

  • IAABC Behavior Consulting Mentorship, 8 CEU hours, April 2017
  • Simple Solutions for Common Dog Behavior and Training Problems, Instructor Dr. Ian Dunbar, 6 CEU hours, July 2016
  • How to Train a Puppy, Instructor Dr. Ian Dunbar, 25 CEU hours, July 2016
  • Crucial Concepts in Dog Behavior and Training, Instructor Dr. Ian Dunbar, 10 CEU hours, April 2016
  • Biologically Appropriate Raw Food for Dogs, Instructor Sharon Bolt, 1.5 CEU hours, February 2016
  • SIRIUS Dog Trainer Academy, Instructor Dr. Ian Dunbar, 29 CEU hours, January 2016
  • Running a Dog Training Business, Instructor Sharon Bolt, 5 CEU hours, September 2015
  • Growl Class — A Workshop for Reactive Dogs, Instructor Dr. Ian Dunbar, 5.5 CEU hours, August 2015
  • Catch Canine Dog Trainer and Behavior Master Class, 570 CEU hours, January 2015
  • Penn Foster Dog Obedience Instructor Diploma, 87 credit hours, December 2014
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